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Welcome to Radtel –

Whether you’re an Outback Traveler, Cruising Yachtsman or Commercial Fishermen, Radtel is your choice when choosing your HF Radio Network Service Provider. Radtel offers a service of unparalleled standards and has made some unique and major enhancements to the way in which radio telephone operates, thus achieving a superior level of operation and many additional features, most of which are included are Free of Charge! Some of our major advantages are as listed below…

  • EXCLUSIVE frequencies / Network allocated for Radio Telephone use ONLY
  • Radtel bases do not share all the same frequencies. This avoids ‘crossed lines’ or ‘multiple calls’ overlapping each other
  • NO recorded message to announce a Radiotelephone call on the phone, just DIRECT
  • Message Service free to all users – No call charge
  • RFDS, Police, Direct Selcall – No call charge – ‘Radtel Plus’ or ‘Radtel Assist’ Plans ONLYc
  • Coast Guard & Sea Rescue – Direct selcall – No call charge -‘Radtel Plus’ or ‘Radtel Assist’ Plans ONLYc
  • NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RACT & RAC – Direct selcall – No call charge – ‘Radtel Plus’ or ‘Radtel Assist’ Plans ONLYc
  • Free emergency assistance by 24 hour operator – ‘Radtel Plus’ or ‘Radtel Assist’ Plans ONLYco
  • No call connection fee
  • 15 Minute time limit on phone calls
  • Flat call rate to any phone or mobile in Australia
  • Radtel uses brand new ‘State of the Art’ equipment
  • A comprehensive range of 14 Call Plans available including plans with ‘pre-paid’ call credit corded message to announce a Radiotelephone call on the phone, just DIRECT contact
  • exclusive access to our electrical experts.

Radtel HF Radio Network

Early 2000 Radtel commenced research into the development of a ‘New Standard” Radio Telephone Network Service. Now fully operational, we can offer you a service of unparalleled standards. Without a doubt HF (High Frequency) Radio remains the most popular method of communications, electrician near me, both in the remote outback and the maritime regions, and is still the most cost effective. HF Radio also provides far more features and benefits than any other form of remote area communications. Radtel is a network committed to the future of HF and all your remote area communication requirements. You can be assured you will get the most from your HF equipment investment.

For Sydney office fitouts, call Innovatus projects on (02) 4259 0242.

Radtel Direct Dial

Radtel TELEPHONE – Direct Dial is a premium Radio Telephone Service that allows you to make telephone calls directly from any HF radio (with Telcall fitted) to any telephone in Australia. Radtel has implemented some unique and major enhancements in the design and development of this network thus achieving a superior level of performance and many additional features, most of which are ‘Free of Charge’.

Some of Radtel’s exclusive features are;

  • EXCLUSIVE frequencies / Network for Radio Telephone use ONLY
  • Radtel bases do not share all the same frequencies.This avoids ‘crossed lines’ or ‘multiple calls’ overlapping each otherMessage Service Free to all users – No Call Charge
  • RFDS – Direct Selcall contact – No Call Charge
  • Coast Guard & Sea Rescue – Direct Selcall contact – No Call Charge *
  • Police – Direct Selcall Contact – No Call Charge *
  • Free Emergency Assistance by 24 HR operator *
  • 15 Minute time limit on phone calls
  • Flat Call Rate to any phone or mobile in Australia
  • No Call Connection Fee
  • Radtel uses brand new ‘State of the Art’ equipment
  • Extensive range of ‘Call Plans’ (14) including Pre-Paid calls
  • Restricting the number of users, thus reducing the problem of congestion.
  • No recorded message when a phone receives a call from a HF Radio

Calls are priced at a very modest rate per minute and a low yearly access fee is also applicable.

Radtel Assist*

RFDS / SES / Coast Guard-Patrol / Police etc.

FREE to ‘Radtel Assist’ or ‘Radtel Plus’ plans – No more voice calling or confusion in contacting the Royal Flying Doctor Service or Marine Coastal Authorities. Radtel gives you the convenience and ease of ‘selcalling’ these authorities direct, 24 hours a day. Radtel has over 250 emergecny authorities linked directly to a selcall number. (For more information on selcall please see the ‘About HF Radio’ section)

Emergency Assistance Operator:

FREE to ‘Radtel Assist’ or ‘Radtel Plus’ plans – Radtel has an extensive number of emergency authorities linked to a single selcall number for your convenience, this will allow quick calling to Police, RFDS, Coastal Patrol, Sea Rescue Authorities, National Park Services, and many other various Rescue Services. If, in the event that you require some form other than these listed authorities, our 6 ‘operator manned’ base stations are there to assist 24 hours where possible.

Position Report Logging:

FREE to ‘Radtel Assist’ or ‘Radtel Plus’ plans – As an extra level of safety in the outback or at sea, Radtel provides a service whereby your position is logged down at regular intervals throughout your journey and also any other relevant details noted. This service also allows us to keep abreast of the ever changing conditions giving us first hand information that may be of benefit to all operators on the network.

* Radios must be fitted with ‘Selcall’ Option to access this service

Rates and Discounts

Introducing Radtel’s new 2007 Call Plans. To further enhance the level of safety for the marine and land based sector of HF Radio, Radtel Network has launched an additional plan ‘Radtel Assist’. This package is strictly an Emergency Assistance plan, which provides a comprehensive level of safety support. If you require both Radio Telephone – Direct Dial and Radtel Assist, please refer to the ‘Radtel Plus’ plans. Radtel also has a range of pre-paid call plans offering substantial savings on call charges and allows you the freedom from paying bills, whilst you’re away travelling.

  • Message Service
  • Flat call rate to any phone or mobile phone within Australia
  • Lower call costs
  • No call connection Fee
  • 15 Minute Time Call Limit
  • No pre-recorded phone message
  • Fully itemised account (Accounts over $10)
  • Incoming Calls to Radio
  • Radtel Network does not allow incoming phone calls to the radio.This decision was made based on many years experience with the Telstra RDD system. As experienced then, approximately 80% of people didn’t know how to correctly use the system and served to do nothing more than congest the network and waste their time & money on STD calls.
  • Another factor was by allowing this feature it effectively increases the loading on the network an average of 300% due to all the additional people trying to use the system.
  • To compensate for this we have implemented ‘Message Service’
  • Message Service
  • FREE to all Radtel users– Message Service provides a facility where family, friends or work associates can simply phone Radtel Network head office, and give the relevant details as required to be passed on to the radio. Messages can also be passed on from the radio to other persons in the event of an emergency.
  • To leave a message for a subscriber please ask your associates to follow the information as supplied on the ‘How To Contact Me’ Cards that were issued to you as below;
  • GENERAL MESSAGES & BUSINESS (02) 4943 1745 – 9am-5pm Mon-Frid E.S.T.
  • URGENT MESSAGE & EMERGENCIES (02) 4943 1745 – 24 HOURS
  • Please inform operator;-
    Approximate position of the vehicle
    2. Name of the user
    3. Selcall number
    4. Your Message

Making a call

Prior to making a Radiotelephone call, please listen if the channel is clear. If no communication can be heard, select an appropriate station for your location and make a Beacon Call to ensure it is possible to communicate with that base. If the base does not respond, try another base or a different frequency. The rule of thumb for frequency selection is: The higher the sun is in the sky, the higher the frequency that should be used.

When a successful Beacon has been heard from the Radtel base you can make a Radio Direct Dial (RDD) call without help from an operator.

adtel HF Radio Training Kit –

This HF Radio Training Kit (affectionately known as the K.I.S.S kit) has been produced by the people who not only operate Lakecomm, but people who know and have used HF Radio for many decades and rely on it extensively throughout the remote outback areas of Australia in their travels. The kit has been designed on the age old philosophy of Keep ISimple Stupid theory.

The need to operate your HF Radio effectively is ESSENTIAL for both you and your travelling partner. Let’s face it, the purchase of an HF Radio is a large investment and no doubt is for safety – So make sure you know how to use it correctly.

The kit’s been written in very simple terms and is easy to follow and understand.

Package includes;

‘Quick Guides’– These 2-4 laminated A5 cards provide an uncomplicated step by step guide on how to use your radio and all the necessary features associated with Australia’s 3 major networks (Radtel, HFoZ, VKS737) that you will need to know for your individual radio.e.g., making Radtel / VKS737 Operator Calls, Radtel Phone Calls, VKS737 Vehicle to Vehicle Calls, HFoZ Messaging and GPS Position Reporting, RFDS Voice Calls and also RFDS Emergency Alarm Calling, It also shows you how to program your Scan Table (if applicable), how to operate your Scan, how to review your Call Memory plus more plus all the basic proceedures include making ‘Beacon/Channel Test Calls’ as well as the actual call process. In summary this is a complete package on the usage of your radio.

HF Basic Principles – This booklet includes the basic principles about how HF works, how signals are transmitted, its operation, problem solving, how to understand Frequencies, Scanning, Beacon Calling, Selcalling, Voice Calling, Telcalls (Radio Telephone Calls) – This is a must to understand.

The Australian Guide to HF Radio.- Written by Doug Taylor, and Chris & Michael Aulich this booklet provides a vast amount of additional knowledge, hints, tips and a practical guide on the operation of HF Radio. Also available separately if required.

The kit comes complete in a heavy duty plastic document folder.

This package will prove an invaluable aid in the operation of your HF Radio

Important Notes:

** Codan NGT – This model must be programmed with “Australian Rec Version 6.1 or higher”

*** Icom F8101 – This model must be programmed with “Australian Rec Version 1.0 or higher”

Codan 8528-1 has a ‘Black’ touch pad and the 8528-2 has either a ‘Tan’ or “Light Grey’ touch pad

About HF (High Frequency) Radio

An Introduction to High Frequency Radio Propagation
Activity on the sun can have a wide-ranging effect on the earth. For example, radiation from the sun removes electrons from atoms in the upper regions of the earth’s atmosphere, forming the ionosphere. The existence of the ionosphere allows the use of High Frequency (HF) radio as a means of communication over long distances.

How Does HF Radio Work Over Long Distances?
An HF signal transmitted from the earth may travel some way through the ionosphere before being “bent” back down towards the ground. This occurs due to the interaction between the HF signal and electrically charged particles in the ionosphere. The signal can then “bounce” off the ground back into the ionosphere, return to the earth again, and so on. The distance a given HF signal will travel depends on the frequency, transmitter power, take-off angle relative to the ground and the state of the ionosphere through which it is travelling.

For any given distance and time, there will be a certain range of HF frequencies that are most likely to provide successful communications; frequencies outside that range will work poorly or not at all. Simply increasing the power of an HF signal will not help if the frequency is too high for the distance required. Increasing the power may help if the frequency is too low, but using a higher, more suitable frequency is the best option. The highest frequency which may be used for reliable HF communications is known as the Maximum Usable Frequency (MUF).

How Do Conditions Affecting the Use of HF Radio Vary Over Time?
Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) radiation from the sun creates the ionosphere. The EUV radiation arises from the bright and hot regions which overlie sunspots (areas of strong magnetic fields on the sun’s surface). As the sun progresses through its eleven year cycle of activity, the number and size of sunspots will vary, as will the level of EUV radiation. Changes to the ionosphere that result from this mean that conditions affecting the use of HF radio will also change over the solar cycle.

At the low point of the solar cycle, only the lower frequency HF signals can be transmitted over a given distance. At the peak of the cycle, the higher frequencies in the HF band can be transmitted over the same distance. Other factors important in determining the range of usable HF frequencies include the seasons, the time of day and the relative locations of the transmit and receive points.

What Kind of Disturbances Can Degrade HF Communications?
Short-Wave Fadeouts – short lived (up to two hours) disturbances, in which solar flare activity results in the absorption of lower frequency HF signals. These will only affect signals passing through the daylight ionosphere.

Ionospheric Storms – large scale changes in the chemical composition of the ionosphere resulting in changes to the MUF. Decreased MUFs restrict the frequencies available for use over a given distance. Ionospheric storms normally last for one to two days.

What is Selcall?
Selective call – “Selcall”Selective call – Selcall – provides a simple and efficient method of calling stations within a network. With the combined “Selcall – Telcall” option fitted – all current derivatives of CCIR 493 format can be programmed into the your Selcall equipped transceiver on a channel by channel basis.

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